One-on-One Template for Managers


A simple one-on-one template for people managers with 50 sample questions to help you develop good and effective relationships with your team.


One-on-ones, also sometimes called O3’s, are an important management tool. Using them well is an important competency to be developed by effective people-managers. Over the course of about 30 years in management and leadership roles I have created, and often edited, the document you now have. No tool is perfect. And no tool can replace the need for a real heart-felt concern and interest in the people we are asked to lead and manage. But a good tool, adapted to our needs, can be very useful. Feel free to use and/or adapt this tool to meet your needs.

This document is divided into 5 sections. I maintain one of these documents for each of my direct reports and start a new one every year (though most of the information in section one will just be copy/pasted over).