What is this website all about?

It’s about you!  Seriously.  But to be more specific, there are 2 groups to whom this website is dedicated. 

First – to Patients.  I have practiced pharmacy (and am still practicing) for over 20 years.  I know about the frustrations involved in managing our health care system.  I’m here to provide (hopefully) helpful and relevant information related to issues in medicine today. 

Secondly – this website is dedicated to my fellow professionals in the field of pharmacy: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.  The goal is to provide relevant news to those out there working on the front-lines of pharmaceutical care.  There is no shortage of Pharma news to be found on the web.  But much of it has very little practical application to what I am likely to encounter over the next 12 hours of my shift at ABC Pharmacy.  My goal is to have a few things to say, a few stories to share, a little sprinkling of important news – just enough to make sure we keep on top of our game.  I would love it to be the site you check before heading into the hospital, clinic or community drug store for the day.  The site you peek at while on your 18 second lunch break.  The place you check in on just after getting home from a brutal day and you pull out the iPad for a little winding down.  That’s what it is about.

Can you fill my prescription?

No, I’m afraid not.  The pills don’t fit through the little holes in my computer keyboard.

Will you answer questions?

Yes, I will.  But understand [here comes the legal mumbo jumbo] that questions answered through this website by myself, or via email, or by anyone else, are not considered medical advice and should not be treated as such.  Do your research.  But always seek the qualified counsel of your own personal local community pharmacist and doctor.


Last modified: April 14, 2013

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