Blogs I Follow

The following are a sampling of some of the blogs I follow online.  Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of all the content, though most have given me reason to smile or ponder at one point or another.  I recommend checking them out!


Pharmacist-Authored Blogs:

Pharmacy Informatics – by Jerry Fahrni

MedEd101 – by Eric Christianson

AudibleRx – by Steven Leuck

Leading Over The Counter – by Joey Mattingly

Piller of the Community – by Jay Sochoka

PharmQD Blogs – Various

CrazyRxMan – Anonymous

The Blonde Pharmacist – by Beth Lofgren

Pharmacist Steve – by Steve Ariens

The Pharmacist Activist – by Daniel Hussar (technically a newsletter, but posted monthly online)

RPhD – Ben Urick, Pharmacist and PhD student at the University of Iowa

Erin Albert – by Pharmacist Erin Albert

Emergency Medicine PharmD – Various

The Unit – Brent Reed



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Physician-Authored Blogs:

KevinMD – Kevin Pho, various

The Doctor Weighs In – various

Dr. Wes – Westby G. Fisher

33 Charts – Bryan Vartabedian

Better Health – Val Jones, various

Skeptical Scalpel – anonymous

WhiteCoat’s Call Room – anonymous, ER physician

Heard in the OR – David Gelber, MD, general surgeon

Compass Healthcare – Eric Bricker

Nurse-Authored Blogs:

EDNurseasauras – anonymous

ER Nurse Insanity – anonymous

Head Nurse – anonymous

Nurse Gail – Various

The Nerdy Nurse – Brittney Wilson




Other Pharmacy & Health Care Blogs I Follow:

Drug Channels – Adam Fein, PhD (the foremost expert on drug distribution systems and economics!)

Pharmalot – by Ed Silverman

Pharma Marketing Blog – by John Mack

Not Running a Hospital – Paul Levy

DrugWonks – Peter Pitts

The Pharmacy Podcast – Todd Eury, guests (technically a podcast, not a blog, but close enough!)

Behind The Shelf Blog – Various

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