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Calling All Pharmacists – Check out RxEconsult

Redesigned with a sleek new look and tons of information – RxEconsult provides access to connect with hundreds of fellow-professionals, share insights, post articles and promote your interests related to the profession.  The concept for RxEconsult comes from its CEO and Founder, pharmacist Omudhome Ogbru

But what exactly is RxEconsult?

The following is from the site:

 “RxEconsult was founded by a team of healthcare professionals that span clinical practice, academia, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In developing online health information over the past decade, they realized that healthcare companies and professionals, and the businesses that support them, needed a site to promote themselves and their expertise at little or no cost.”

At Rxeconsult you can post a full profile of experiences, somewhat similar to LinkedIn, and even upload a resume.

You can search for jobs through their extensive search engine for pharmaceutical opportunities

You can connect with other professionals, gaining valuable contacts for collaboration and support.

The collection of articles available for pharmacists looking to broaden their career opportunities is impressive.

Articles include title such as:

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You can even write and post your own articles.

Areas of the website that appear to still be in development include the areas for News and Discussions.  But given the excellent content and functionality of the rest of the site, I suspect these areas will grow quickly.

I’m enthusiastic about the sites new design and broad array of resources.  I invite you to check it out, create an account, and connect!

Below is a video about what RxEconsult can do for you:


Last modified: April 17, 2023