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Tuesday Newsday (February 11)

Just a few bites of pharma and/or medical news for you to chew on this Tuesday morning:

No guilt weekends!  A recent study suggests sticking to your diet for 5 days per week is good enough to promote your weight-loss goals.  A little cheating and fun-food over the weekends didn’t significantly hinder the progress of most individuals.

What is “brain death?” – A couple nationally publicized cases have highlighted the issues surrounding the very definition of death in our culture.  Here is a good NEJM article which focuses on some of the medical matters related to the currently acceptable approach.

Pills & Pistols? While some pharmacy chains are removing tobacco from their shelves, others are finding a profitable niche in selling guns.  Today’s pharmacies must be creative to survive, since the profitability isn’t from prescriptions any more.

Paging Dr. Wiki!  Apparently Wikipedia, the free contributor-built online encyclopedia is becoming a valuable resource for medical information, even for healthcare professionals.  Actually, I’ve been saying that for a while.  I chalk it up to the fact that many otherwise reliable information resources do a poor job in communicating their content in a concise and organized fashion.

Prescription-only Nasacort now available OTC!  Nasacort is a steroid nasal spray approved to relieve sinus symptoms related to allergies.  Now you can get it without a prescription.  If you currently use a nasal steroid and pay a high copay, you may want to check this out as an alternative (always confirm with your physician before starting or stopping any prescribed therapy).   

Healing is a matter of time.  But it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”  – Hippocrates

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