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Taking Advantage of Pharmacy Job Market Uncertainty

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f there is any topic that I talk a lot about with pharmacy students and pharmacy professionals it would have to be the present uncertainty that exists within the current job market for pharmacists.  Some pharmacists may be shielded from this reality.  But for those who are presently unemployed, underemployed or just looking to find a new career path – job market uncertainties abound.  Many pharmacists feel trapped in an unhappy job or find they are worried about paying off student loans if they can’t find the right position soon enough.  Frankly, for some pharmacists the outlook appears rather gloomy.

But could there be a silver lining to this situation?  Personally, I think there is.  What I have observed going on all around me are many pharmacists taking control of their own careers in ways that they never would have before.  As the saying goes, the cream always rises to the top.  Pharmacists, faced with career uncertainty and job saturation, have taken steps to advance their careers and utilize their skills to reach new levels of professional satisfaction.  

But don’t just take my word for it.  Because part of what I love doing is to connect pharmacists with great resources to manage their careers, I reached out to a friend and career specialist, Lisa.  Lisa isn’t a pharmacist.  Rather, she is someone who has worked for many years behind the scenes helping pharmacists get where they want with their careers and goals.  

I asked Lisa about the current job market and the challenges facing pharmacists today.  Here is what she said:

“The consolidations in the retail pharmacy market is enough to make your head spin! If you currently work at Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, or CVS, you are feeling uneasy about what the future may bring. Consolidations and sweeping policy changes can keep you awake at night!

This article is meant to empower you to turn that uncertainty to your advantage by taking control of as many aspects of your career as you can. 

Four Ways to Take Control of Your Career:

1.  Make sure you update your continuing education to obtain the latest skills and certifications that will set you apart. By upgrading your skill sets and updating your continuing education, you can ensure that you are prepared to advise your patients/customers on the latest medical trends, emerging treatments, and the newest drug safety protocol to proactively reduce the occurrence of life-threatening medical conditions.

2.  Recreate your resume and/or career portfolio by working with a pharmacy expert who knows how to communicate your skills and accomplishments AND can advise you about the latest employment trends in pharmacy. Clients who work with professional resume writers have a much higher chance of getting the interview and receiving that all important job offer!

3.  Establish your “personal brand” by establishing or optimizing your LinkedIn® profile. LinkedIn is the professional/social media of choice for 97% of all recruiters and 89% of key decision makers within the companies for which you want to work. If you don’t have a profile, or if your profile doesn’Lisa Jones Article Image 2t offer viewers the information or impact that those professionals expect to see, your chances of being invited in for the interview or getting the job offer are extremely slim. Work with a professional who can help you create your “personal brand” through your LinkedIn profile as well as your career portfolio, and more opportunities will definitely find you!

4.  Related to LinkedIn, you will need to broaden and energize your professional network. To be successful in your job search, you will need to have connections within your companies of choice. Without connections within those companies, your chance of getting hired is less than 20%. If you need help building your network, work with a company that can help you broaden your network, connect with decision makers and recruiters, and utilize that network to achieve your next career position!

Taking control of your career doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and you don’t have to do all of this on your own. Ask Jason to help you find the best company that offers all of the services above at a very affordable cost.”

A Special Offer:

I’ve asked Lisa if she would be willing to offer a discount to pharmacists that I refer to her.  She said YES!  So if you are a pharmacist looking to get help taking your career to the next level, getting your resume reviewed for FREE with a substantially discounted offer for improvements, or just growing your contacts and getting connected with the right people – please fill out the contact form below!  I’ll get your information to Lisa and she will gladly help you on your way.

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