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A Free Conference For Pharmacists Who Want to Change Jobs

The following is an announcement from my friend Alex Barker. After reading about it, this seemed to me TOO GOOD not to share with my blog readers. So here is the information. I highly recommend looking into this, even if you are relatively happy with your career. Great exposure to what your fellow-pharmacists are doing.


Over 50% of community pharmacists wish to quit their jobs. APhA reported Pharmacists from all practice areas are experiencing more stress, difficulty seeking a new job, and lower satisfaction.

There are nearly 300,000 pharmacists in the USA alone. According to the research above, there are over 100,000 unhappy pharmacists.

This should not be true, but it was true for me.

I once had a miserable pharmacy job. I dealt with bullies, monotonous work, and office politics. I felt like I made a mistake choosing pharmacy as a career. I felt like I wasn’t living to my full potential. I thought I wasted seven years of my life to become a boring pharmacist.

Fast forward a few years, and interviewing dozens of pharmacists, I changed my story. Now, I’m happy with what I do, and want to invite you to a conference that will change your career.

This Summit Announcement is a conference about stories. It is about pharmacists who love what they do and sharing how other pharmacists can do what they do.

The Happy PharmD Summit – The First Non-Traditional Pharmacy Career Conference.

The Summit is free to attend. You can view each session a for a few hours after it appears live. It was developed to help frustrated pharmacists find a new and inspiring career, one based on your strengths and talents rather than your capabilities to memorize or perform monotonous tasks.

The conference will host over 20 speakers from different pharmacy career niches. Along with our speakers, we have multiple bonuses for Access Pass members, which are those who want to take their career transition seriously.

Here’s what our schedule looks like:

Day 1

  • How to advance your career and get the most out of this conference
  • Are you burned out? Causes, Symptoms, and how to find freedom from stress
  • Financial Issues You May Forget When Transitioning: Debt, Taxes, Insurance, and Retirement
  • Certifications that Give You an Edge When Applying to Jobs
  • How One Pharmacist Transitioned Out of Retail and into Veterinary Compounding

Day 2

  • How to transition into Association Work and the Multiple Job Opportunities Available to You
  • How Any Pharmacist Can Start a Pharmacy Consultancy and What First Steps to Take!
  • Medical Science Liaisons and Pharmacy – A Perfect Mix For Those Bored in the Pharmacy
  • A Pharmacy Business Model For Those Sick of the Typical Retail Model
  • A New Wave of Pharmacy Practice – Functional Medicine!

Day 3

  • Clinical Pharmacy as a cash-only business? How one pharmacist manages her own business
  • How 2 Married Pharmacists Were Sick of Retail Pharmacy and Create a Path to Quit Their Jobs To Do What They Love
  • A Pharmacy Director Joined a Franchise and Now Enjoys Passive Income While Not Working Herself To Death
  • How a Retail Pharmacist Found His Passion and Now is a Part-Owner of a Veterinary Pharmacy
  • How Any Pharmacist Can Create A Side Income – And the First Steps To Build a Side Business

Day 4

  • Research Fascinate You? A Researcher Shares His Exciting Rise To Clinical Research Pharmacist
  • A Medical Writer Pharmacy Guru shares her 20+ years of experience on How to Get Started as a Medical Writer
  • Returning to Residency After Working? Is It Possible? Or Fun? A Pharmacist Tells Her Story and How She Found Her Passion in Pharmacy
  • A Financial Pharmacist Shares His Strategies To Create Passive Income Via Investing
  • How A Pharmacist Changed Her Career Into A Path That Fits Her Passion: Integrative Health

For Access Pass members, we have:

  • Career Mentor Program – Free Mentoring as You Transition into a New Career
  • A free copy of the book The Seven Figure Pharmacist
  • A Secondary Income Strategy Session with our Business Coach
  • The Pharmacist’s Salary and Benefit Negotiation Guide
  • A 3-Part Webinar series on Salary Negotiations from 3 Negotiation Experts
  • A Free Investment Guide Session with Dr. Hans Boateng – The Investing Tutor
  • How to start a business while working full time
  • What it takes to get started in a franchise
  • Timothy Ulbrich, PharmD – How a Coach Helped Him Launch and Sell 600+ Books in 6 Weeks

As of August 15th, we have over 1,300 members registered, and my goal is 2,000 pharmacists to sign up! If you are considering a career transition or looking for a new job, join our free summit!

Last modified: September 6, 2017