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An Interview with Dr. Anthony Busti, CEO of High-Yield Med Reviews!

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting further certifications and training is an area of extreme interest for pharmacists today. Therefore, I’m excited that I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Anothony Busti, the CEO of High-Yield Med Reviews, a company that specializes in providing high-quality training for pharmacists (and other healthcare providers) as they prepare for various certifications and licensure.

Please join me in welcoming Anthony Busti here to the Honest Apothecary!

Anthony, thanks for talking with us about High-Yield Med Reviews!

1. To begin with, could you tell my readers a little about yourself and your background and career?

Outside of being a husband and father to 4 wonderful kids, my interests include educating and training the current and next generation of physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. I have a unique background as a healthcare provider and medical educator in that I am a nurse, clinical pharmacist, and a physician. In addition to my positions in academia, I have also served as Chairman to the State of Texas Drug Utilization Review Board, a Governor appointed member to the State of Texas P&T Committee and did additional training in Evidenced-Based Health Care at Oxford University.


2.  What exactly is High-Yield Med Reviews? Who are your customers?

We offer online and live review courses, online lectures in HD, question banks, practice exams and online webinar study groups to individual customers who are students, residents, licensed clinicians in nursing, pharmacy and medicine worldwide. We also provide review courses and curriculum support to universities and training for advanced certifications for staff development at hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Pharmacy students, residents, and licensed clinical pharmacists are one of our key customer bases that we serve.


3. When and why did the idea of High-Yield Med Reviews begin? How long has the company been in existence?

So often businesses are born from personal needs. I was a student for a long time (as a nurse, pharmacists, and physician) and during those times I desired a resource to help me that not only integrated core medical knowledge but more importantly explained why it was clinically relevant. I also wanted a high quality, yet affordable service that moved beyond just fact memorization to a higher level of understanding of why something is the right answer. That’s why High-Yield MED Reviews was created over 10 years ago to provide to others what I wished I had as a student and clinician when needing to study.


4. How important are certifications for pharmacists today and what certifications do you provide material for?

Very important. Many healthcare systems today seek out advanced certifications as an institution and many employers expect their pharmacists to have a certain level of training as a measure of validation of skill. We currently provide staff development to hospitals because they expect their pharmacists to have advanced certifications. This is only going to increase.

As it relates to pharmacy we provide courses for NAPLEX, BCPS, BCACP, BCOP, BCPP, BCCCP, BCCP, BCIDP, BCGP, BCPPS and Biostatistics & Clinical Literature Evaluation.


5. Can you tell my readers about the process you use to create the material for your review courses?

We always start off in consideration of a board exam’s published blueprint and objectives for that test. From there, our content is developed by internal faculty as well as experts in the field who are board certified in their respective specialties about topics and content that meet the blueprint objectives. Our development team focuses on high-yield topics most likely to be seen on the exam, but since our customers come from different levels of experience, training and knowledge base we also include background content over core knowledge for those who may want a refresher. We are continually updating our content as blueprints change.


6. What makes High-Yield Med Reviews different than other resources for test preparation?

We have a desire and goal as a company to not just give our users a list of facts to memorize, but more importantly to truly raise their level of understanding and competency. To do this, we go above and beyond to integrate evidence throughout our material and explain why it’s the right answer. We believe that if you can understand the concept you can answer any question no matter how it was asked.


7. What does your course material cost and what do customers get for that price?

Our customers come with different needs. We offer review courses, online lectures, question banks, practice exams and online webinar study groups through different packages. We give customers options to choose for themselves a package to best meet their own learning styles and needs while striving to keep the cost fair. We believe that our complete package courses offer the greatest chance for success.


8. Any final thoughts or information you want to share with our readers about High-Yield Med Reviews?

While yes, we want our customers to pass their exams or refresh their knowledge base, the bigger picture here is that we all have an important role to play in how we learn to integrate this higher level of knowledge.  If we, as a company, can help facilitate this higher level of knowledge for a large number of healthcare providers, think about the impact together we can all make across our country and world to positively impact patients and health care as a whole.


Last modified: February 23, 2018