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Pharma á la carte 04/20/23

A gathering of some interesting Pharma and healthcare related news from around the web for Thursday, April 20, 2023:

What Health Systems Could Learn from Starbucks

Sara Vaezy: Companies like Starbucks and Amazon have done really well at connecting buyers and sellers. In our case, it’s connecting the clinician and the patient, or the system to the consumer with things such as content, information, tools and services.”

Reminds of the classic book by Fred Lee, If Disney Ran Your Hospital.

The Top 20 Pharma Companies by 2021 Revenue

“For the first time in biopharma history, a company has topped the $100 billion mark in annual revenue.”

Specialty Pharmacy vs. Physician Buy-and-Bill

“The study found that drugs were less costly for patients when payers leveraged a specialty pharmacy.”

Imagine a world where doctors and pharmacists got along

“Most doctors I know count pharmacists among their trusted colleagues and friends, which is why the latest war of words between the two profession’s lobby groups seems so unedifying”

Telemedicine and Specialty Pharmacy

“In short, telemedicine allows specialty pharmacists to meet patients where they are, literally and figuratively, and help cancer care teams in particular identify and combat issues relating to social determinants of health.”

Last modified: April 27, 2023