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What follows is a quick list of some helpful sites for accessing drug information.  Inclusion in this list is no guarantee that all of the information on these sites is accurate.  Use these drug information resources at your own risk and always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes to your prescription medications. 

These sites do provide a wealth of useful information which you can use to inform yourself about medical conditions, specific drugs and drug classes and important drug interactions.


General Drug Databases:

DailyMed Package Insert Data for all U.S. marketed brands and generics

MedLine Plus – Fast, easy to navigate prescription and OTC drug information

Krames Online – Another simple and straightforward, reliable drug database – by Aetna

PDRHealth Good.  Use the Alpha list to search for your drug.  The search box links to too many resources.

MPR Health – What I like about this tool is the ability to pick a drug category, then select several drugs and click “compare.”  The tool brings up your drugs and aligns them side by side to compare all the basic clinical categories and concerns

RxWiki – A very extensive library of well researched and very reliable information on medications.

AudibleRx – Want to LISTEN to drug information?  Check out this great site by my friend pharmacist Steve Leuck 

Pill Identifyer:

Rx List   Basic Pill identification tool, allowing you to input color, shape and imprint

Medscape – A great new tool that couldn’t be easier to use.



Drug Interaction Checkers:

Healthline Well designed, easy to use interaction checking tool

AARP – Another good tool, this one from AARP

DrugDigest – Not as clean looking as the first two, but useful and reliable

Catalyst Tool – Provided by the good folks over at Catalyst


Can’t find what you need?  Try a Google Search below!

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Last modified: July 2, 2014

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