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  • Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part IV

    Today is our final post on Don Grove’s innovations in pharmacy workflow.  If you have missed the previous posts you can find them here:  Part I, Part II and Part III. Once again, let’s welcome Don as he answers a few more questions for us. 7)  I know you are eager to help pharmacies improve...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part III

    We continue this week to explore Pharmacy Workflow Magic with pharmacy entrepreneur and business owner Don Grove.  If you missed the first couple posts, simply click HERE FOR PART I or click HERE FOR PART II of this series.  Don, thanks for joining us again today as we follow up with a couple more...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part II

    Yesterday I introduced Don Grove, a pharmacist and pharmacy entrepreneur who is changing the face of retail Pharmacy Workflow in PART I of this interview.  Today we continue our talk with Don by asking a question which, in my opinion, far too few pharmacy owners consider. 4)  Why is work flow so important...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Eat That (Pharmacy) FROG!

    “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day” – Mark Twain That quote from Twain is what is behind the bestselling book by Brian Tracy entitled Eat That Frog.  I just read the book.  And although some of his ideas can certainly...

    Author : Jason Poquette