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  • Oxycontin: Safe, Effective and…Abuse Proof. The New Drug Standard…(sorry generics!)

    This week the hopes for a less expensive, generic version of Oxycontin were shot down when the FDA made the announcement that the original version (withdrawn in 2010) was removed from the market for reasons of safety or efficacy.  To quote the Federal Register exactly:  “The Food and Drug...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • New Vicodin Strengths…Coming Soon!

    In compliance with FDA recommendations to limit the amount of acetaminophen in prescription drugs to no more than 325mg per dose, the makers of Vicodin announced that they will be reformulating all 3 strengths of their product.   The new Vicodin formulations will be as follows: •  VICODIN® (hydrocodone...

    Author : Jason Poquette