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  • Retail Pharmacy Prescription MARGINS 101

    f you don’t understand the significance of margins on the success of a retail or outpatient or specialty pharmacy operation – you are doomed to discover the significance the hard way – by closing.  You must manage your margins.  While every aspect of the operation demands the full...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Retail Pharmacy Metrics – Part II

    One of my favorite authors on business and management is Peter Drucker who once said “what’s measured improves.”  Maybe that’s too hopeful.  But when in comes to managing a retail pharmacy, measurement is often the first step to improvement.  In part I of this article I introduced...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • The Most Important Retail Pharmacy Metrics

    In thinking about an article on pharmacy metrics, the following quote from Albert Einstein comes to mind:  “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”  It is certainly possible to overstate the importance of some metrics.  It is possible to use...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Retail Pharmacy Workflow Basics

    Go with the flow!  The “workflow” that is.  Almost nothing is more fundamental to the accuracy and efficiency of a busy pharmacy than a functioning workflow.  By “workflow” we mean the way in which a prescription enters the pharmacy, moves through the filling process, and ends up...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Integrated Pharmacy Solutions – An Interview with CEO Michael Tocco

    There’s a Proverb that says “in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.”  And maybe no health care industry needs the input of seasoned counselors to navigate these often complex and financially frightening waters more than pharmacy.  Pharmacy business owners and would-be owners...

    Author : Jason Poquette