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  • Pharmacy Techs – How to Make MORE Money!

    f you are working as a pharmacy technician, then you have launched into a career that is becoming more and more valuable in our ever-changing profession.  If you are a GOOD pharmacy technician, then you have a right to expect to be compensated appropriately for your efforts.  Over  the course of my 20+...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Pharmacy Tech Careers Part III – With Jenn & Vashti!

    I have presented a short series of posts on the Career of a Pharmacy Technician.  Today’s is the last one in this 3-part series.  We began with an interview of Cassie McIntyre, followed by an interview with a personal friend and former co-worker Christina Ottman.  For today’s article I reached...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Pharmacy Tech Talk Part II – An Interview with Christina Ottman CPhT

    According to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board there are somewhere in the vicinity of 225,000 active certified pharmacy technicians currently working in the U.S.  When you consider that there are   at least that many who are not yet certified, it is pretty clear that the “pharmacy...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Tech Talk Part I – An Interview with Cassie McIntyre CPhT

    The delivery of prescription medication to patients, whether at your local neighborhood pharmacy or hospital, is carried on today primarily by the coordinated effort of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working together.  Those of us who have been in this field for some time have seen this partnership...

    Author : Jason Poquette