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RxEconsult – An interview with Omudhome Ogbru, PharmD

I don’t recall exactly when I first stumbled across RxEconsult online.  Maybe while searching for pharmaceutical job postings, or just looking for medical information or pharmacy connections.  Whatever originally brought me there, I DO remember that I wrote a brief article about the site back in October of 2012

Since then, I’ve always wanted to get a chance to talk to the pharmacist behind this useful site, Dr. Omudhome Ogbru (AKA “Ome”).  I had read some of his articles, and was immediately impressed with both his professional writing and friendly approach to engaging others through social media.  Well, my new friend has graciously accepted the invitation to a brief interview.  So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s have a little chat with Ome.


Could you tell my readers a little about yourself and your background, including what led you to pursue a career as a pharmacist? 

I became a pharmacist because I enjoyed helping people and I saw the significant role pharmacists have in healthcare. Before I was accepted to pharmacy school I knew I would be a clinical pharmacist. My career has spanned academia, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, and now I am learning how to be an entrepreneur. I have also published many articles online over the years. 


So, how exactly would you describe RxEconsult? 

RxEconsult is a niche professional networking website for healthcare professionals and businesses to share their knowledge, build and engage their audience, and find opportunities. The focus of the community is the exchange of healthcare knowledge through publication of articles and other content. The premise is simple―share what you know and people will find you, learn about you, and follow you. RxEconsult helps you establish your professional and business identity and greatly expand your network.


Very interesting.  Let’s talk about the history of RxEconsult for a moment.  What prompted you to develop this site? 

A few years ago I considered becoming a full-time consultant but did not know how to find clients or market my expertise. Colleagues had also expressed the same challenges. This lead to the idea that there is a need for a network for healthcare professionals and businesses.

The problem we are trying to solve is visibility for healthcare professionals and businesses. Businesses and professionals have similar challenges. No matter how skilled you are or how good your services and products are, if no one knows about you the chance of success is slim.   


Who is this website for? 

Businesses and professionals involved in healthcare or related industries who are willing to share their knowledge in exchange for tremendous exposure online. Increased visibility usually leads to more opportunities.

Bloggers use RxEconsult to amplify their voice and increase visibility for their blogs. Businesses use RxEconsult for content marketing while professionals and students publish on RxEconsult to build their resumes, establish their expertise, and find opportunities. Some members use the platform to motivate their colleagues and change their profession. For everyone it is a source of healthcare information. With so many members sharing what they know we believe that together we can change and move healthcare forward. 


What currently are the most popular features of RxEconsult?


The articles have taken a life of their own and are the major feature of RxEconsult. As you know publishing unique informative articles is the most cost effective marketing strategy for businesses and professionals. We are building an audience that enjoy our member generated content. 

 The jobs section is also very popular since many professionals are seeking new opportunities.


How can your readers & visitors get involved?


Membership is free. Join, complete your profile, add your videos, presentations, and other documents. Submit an article for publication, read articles published by other members and share them on other social networks. Invite your colleagues to join


What do you see as the future for RxEconsult? What’s coming next?  

We are focusing on sharing the platform with as many people as we can and improving the user experience. Where RxEconsult goes from here is going to be member driven. 

We are still very early in this journey. We invite all healthcare businesses and professionals to join us, help us shape it, and let’s create an incredible resource for the healthcare community.  


I want to personally thank our guest, Omudhome Ogbru, [click the link to see his RxEconsult profile],  for taking the time to answer these questions.  But even more importantly, for using his passion for patient health care and professional interaction to develop this useful resource for pharmacists and other health care providers.  So, why not join RxEconsult today? 

Last modified: April 17, 2023