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A FREE Guide to Hiring Pharmacists

As a pharmacy manager and consultant I’ve interviewed and hired a few pharmacists in my time.  As such, I can sympathize with both the employee and the employer as they go through the often murky waters of looking for a great  match between a candidate  and a job.  It isn’t easy. 

Thankfully there are individuals who have made a career out of assisting BOTH parties in the hiring process.  One such person that I have had the pleasure of getting to know is Beka Dominguez.  She is now the Business Director for  www.inPharmacyJobs.com.  Beka has a distinguished career in staffing and recruitment services as well as delightful personality and sharp business mind. 

I was excited to see that she and her team at inPharmacyJobs had created a FREE HIRING GUIDE which they graciously asked me to write the introduction to.  I did so, and now  I want to take a few moments to talk with Beka  and offer YOU the opportunity to get to know her and check out the FREE hiring guide as well.

So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s chat with Beka about this great new pharmacy hiring guide  and their services over at inPharmacyJobs.

 1)  Beka, could you tell my readers a little about yourself and your background in staffing and hiring? 

Absolutely, From an early age I have been fascinated with people, and human interactions. What is it that makes people passionate? Why do they connect? My life has been dedicated to observing, exploring, researching, and analyzing human behavior. 

Ultimately all of this has come together to drive my passion for connecting people. I have realized in all of my time with people that connection of ideas, beliefs, work, and passion drive healthy communities. I am energized by identifying and connecting people, employers, and organizations to their unique piece of the puzzle. 

I spent the last couple of years as Employment Director for a non-profit helping individuals from entry level to the executive management levels find and retain gainful employment before transitioning to inPharmacy Jobs to continue to live out my passion of connecting employers and potential employees. 

During my time as Employment Director I interacted with over 300 businesses and recruiting and staffing agencies, all with various HR and talent acquisition strategies. Our success was dependent on formulating specific recruiting strategies dependent upon the needs of the business. Though the pain points within the HR community have similar themes, the manner in which departments must conduct their recruiting efforts differ significantly from company to company.  

Navigating these differences with ease has become a love of mine, and this passion has allowed me to serve the needs of both job seekers and employers to provide quick and effective hiring solutions. 


2)  What are some of the unique challenges being faced by pharmacy HR departments today as they look for good candidates? 

Two major challenges the industry will face in the upcoming years revolve around the transition from an “employer market” to a “job seeker market.” In part these changes have to do with lower national unemployment rates; however, they can also be attributed to the extensive reach of social media, and the willingness of the young generations to relocate to obtain the most advantageous employment opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average length of time an individual now spends in a job is 4.4 years. Think that is short? A recent survey conducted by the Future Workforce indicated that Millennials (born 1977-1997) only expect to remain in any given role for an average of 1.5 – 2 years, and no more than three years! 

The unique challenge then for the Pharmacy industry, especially larger organizations, is developing a talent acquisition strategy that responds to the shifting job seeker market that includes highly educated, talented young professionals with a plethora of employment options. 


3)  How will this Hiring Guide help hiring managers be better equipped to face these challenges?

This hiring guide takes into account the legislative, organizational, and educational shifts in the Pharmacy industry, and focuses the efforts of employers toward a sustainable, cost-effective hiring strategy. The guide highlights potential avenues for recruitment that have a high response rate, but also allows the hiring manager to account for those mediums within which they are currently lacking a presence.

With the personal consultation, hiring departments have an opportunity to take a step back and view the process from a bird’s eye view so that they can strategically organize efforts saving potentially thousands of dollars while increasing the quality of applicants. The Guide takes an overwhelming process and helps to simplify and streamline recruiting.


4) Could you talk a little about the inPharmacyJobs website and the types of resources that pharmacists and employers will find there?

inPharmacy Jobs is focused on building a collaborative community that is mutually beneficial to job seekers and employers, while also supporting the major industry associations and publications. We do this via a user friendly platform, customized posting solutions, and interactive marketing options. 

We are partnering with The Honest Apothecary to provide up to date, Pharmacy insider, job seeker information to jump start your job search. Employers will find that our platform is quick and simple. Sign on, post your job and let us do the rest. We market and distribute the job to the major industry publications as well as Pharmacy Associations, and our list of partners continues to grow. We put the community feel back into job boards. We even represent our employers and job seekers by attending the major Pharmacy association conventions every year! 


5)  What advice would you give to pharmacists who might be looking to make a career transition or want to find a job more suited to their passions and interests? 

Career transitions are difficult no matter what stage of life or job seeker market exists. Take your time and do not put all your eggs in one basket. First, do your research! Find out what companies share your values, and compare working environments of small, medium, and large Pharmacy operations. Then, focus your efforts on industry insider job boards, associations, and personal networking. 

According to a survey of over 59,000 clients conducted by Right Management, 41% of responders said they landed a job through networking with job boards running a close second. 

Make a point every day to reach out to personal contacts that work with, or may know, individuals in the company that you are interested in working for, and register with industry specific job boards as a job seeker so that you can receive updates on any and all new job opportunities. 

Lastly, take your time and don’t panic. Remember that hiring managers are people too. Be respectful, kind, and ask good questions.           


6)  Where can my readers go to download a free copy of this Hiring Guide?

 For a FREE copy of this informative Hiring Guide, simply CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW.  You will be brought to a download page to request immediate access to the guide.  I hope you enjoy it and best wishes!

inPharmacyJobs Hiring Guide

I want to personally thank Beka and the whole team at www.inPharmacyJobs.com.  We are collaborating to provide some great opportunities for pharmacists and employers, and I’m honored to be working with such experienced and talented people on behalf of our profession.

Hiring managers will be pleasantly surprised by the personal service and commitment to excellence of the folks like Beka and others at inPharmacyJobs.  It is always rewarding to work with others who understand your concerns and work hard to exceed  your expectations.

Pharmacists will like the simplicity, functionality and speed of the job board developed over at inPharmacyJobs.  I recommend you check it out!

Last modified: July 25, 2015