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Pharmacists – Be a Career Path Representative!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he pharmacy profession has expanded and diversified greatly over the past decade.  When I graduated just over 20 years ago, there were, for the most part, 2 possible paths to follow:  hospital or retail.  Sure, there were subtle job distinctions along these 2 roads, but for the most part that was it.  Today is a totally different story.  And while the diversification of jobs has certainly enhanced the way we can serve patients today, it has also made it more challenging for pharmacists to figure out what branch of this profession is best suited to them.

Recently I connected with Sarah McLarty, a bright young pharmacy student who was actively engaged in helping introduce her fellow students to some of the many career paths available to pharmacists today.  Together we proposed a project to invite pharmacists to identify themselves as representatives of whatever career path they currently are in (or were in).  Once we get several representatives of each professional area, we would like to make this list available to pharmacy students and pharmacists that might have questions about that career path.  No personal contact information needs to be shared, only an active LinkedIn profile is needed (a LinkedIn profile is FREE and one of the best ways to network professionally).  This is a great opportunity for pharmacists to help fellow pharmacists within our profession.

Together we identified 22 Major Career Paths for Pharmacists.  We know this doesn’t cover every path, but feel that this would be enough to cover a significant majority of pharmacy job seekers with career questions.  

Here is the list:

1.      Academia
2.      Compounding
3.      Consulting
4.      Critical Care
5.      Hospital – Director of Pharmacy
6.      Hospital – Outpatient Pharmacy
7.      Hospital – Staff Pharmacist
8.      Industry/ Research
9.      Informatics
10.   Military
11.   Nuclear
12.   Oncology
13.   PBM / Health Plan Pharmaicst
14.   Pediatric
15.   Pharmacy Owner
16.   Psychiatrics
17.   Retail – District Manager
18.   Retail – Floating Pharmacist
19.   Retail – Pharmacy Manager
20.   Retail – Staff Pharmacist
21.   Specialty Pharmacist
22.   Transplant

Would YOU (yes, you!)be willing to be a CPR (Career Path Representative) for pharmacy?  If so, simply fill out the brief form below and you will be added to the list.  Your email and phone will NOT be shared on the document and will only be used so that we can contact you with any questions about your career experience.  You will also get a free copy of the final document once it has been created!   


Pharmacist Career Path Representative

    A LinkedIn account (it's FREE!) is required for inclusion on this list.
  • You will find your URL beneath your photo when you click on "profile" from LinkedIn


Thank you kindly for your willingness to serve as a resource to other pharmacists.  You will be notified about your inclusion on this list and provided with a copy when complete. 


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