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  • Pharmacists – Be a Career Path Representative!

    he pharmacy profession has expanded and diversified greatly over the past decade.  When I graduated just over 20 years ago, there were, for the most part, 2 possible paths to follow:  hospital or retail.  Sure, there were subtle job distinctions along these 2 roads, but for the most part that was it. ...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • What in the World are Pharmacy NCPDP Codes?

    lright retail pharmacy newbies, have a seat.  And anyone else who has wandered into Community Pharmacy 101 – welcome to my classroom here at The Honest Apothecary.  Today’s lesson is entitled “NCPDP Codes – A Primer.”  I’m going to introduce you to something they...

    Author : Jason Poquette
  • Pharmacy Schools Embrace 10-year PharmD (April Fools Post)

    Most pharmacy students are unaware of this, but behind the scenes their Admissions Offices and Deans have been working with NABP to change the standard PharmD from a 6-year to a 10-year degree. NABP representative Ashton Gotya announced yesterday “We have evaluated the oversupply of students and are...

    Author : Jason Poquette