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Is My Perception of the Pharmacy Job Market Wrong?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of my readers here at The Honest Apothecary know that I also write articles for other pharmacy-related organizations and websites.  Maybe no article in recent history has stirred up so much interest at the article I wrote on the pharmacy job market for one of my favorite pharmacy publishing partners, Pharmacy Times.  I’m a big fan of the articles and information available from these folks.

Anyway, my article about the pharmacy job market has gotten significant attention.  If you want to read the article, you can find it here:

Steep Drop Seen in Pharmacy Job Market Indicator

I’m writing this post to just encourage my fellow pharmacists to read it, discuss it, and talk about it online.  If my conclusions are way out of line, then I respectfully hope to be corrected.  If the perceived job market in your area of the country is GREAT…I would love to hear about it and share this optimistic news with the rest of my readers and social media connections.  

A criticism of the ADI is that the data is subjective.  This is true.  But subjective data is important too, especially when it might be all we have.  So what is your subjective impression of the job market where you live?  Do you get the feeling that pharmacist jobs are relatively available for otherwise qualified candidates?  Is your company struggling to find qualified candidates at the moment?  Are they having to shell out big bucks to recruiters and staffing agencies to track down and dig up applicants for positions?

I really want to know.  I’m curious if my perception is wrong.  It might be.  I hope that at this stage in my life I’m still not so immature as to be above correction.  

Is it possible that pharmacists are exaggerating their difficulty in finding a job?  Maybe.  Is it possible that the only candidates that are unemployed or underemployed are those who lack some important skills related to doing their jobs well?  I suppose.

So, here is my request.  READ THE ARTICLE…and share your thoughts with others here.  Leave a comment.  Shoot me an email.  Tell me what’s on your mind.  I’m happy to interact politely with those who strongly disagree with me.  I’m more interested in truth than in winning a battle of words.  

Last modified: March 25, 2016