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The Joys of [Pharmacy] Writing

I love writing.

I love it the way you love golf. Or skiing. Or stamping. Or drinking a good bourbon.

Something in the activity gets my neurons singing happy songs to one another.  I can hear them now. Can you?

I wouldn’t call it an addiction. I could stop if I wanted to. I don’t want to.

Some people ask me when this love of writing began. That’s a hard question. I know and I don’t know. I think it was warming up in me from the time I was young. I love to read. And from this affair with literature, a writing-child was conceived. I can’t recall the date or the hour though. It just happened.

But it was surely the spring of 1989 when my passion for writing was born. It was during a 100-level Literature Composition undergraduate course at the University of Connecticut. I don’t remember the teacher. I think he was a grad student actually. I don’t remember what the actual paper that I wrote was about. But I recall that something happened. Something creative turned on in my brain. A reaction occurred. It was a Matrix-like moment when I suddenly realized the power that existed when the right words were mixed.

But that baby couldn’t be nurtured much while I finished pharmacy school. Classes, go to work, study all night, sleep, repeat. That was the next 5 years.

Then I graduated, got a job, got married, had our first child 1 year later, and began to learn the ropes of retail pharmacy management.

I started by writing to myself. In a notebook. Mostly devotional thoughts and meditations based upon Bible passages I would read. The child grew.

I then took to the internet and started writing random articles on free platforms just to test the waters. For the first time, people started to read my writing and interacted with me about it. That was an amazing feeling. I wrote something. Someone read it. I can’t describe it. It is like the joy a parent has when their child brings home an A on her report card (I’ve had that experience) or hits a grand-slam (that too) or finishes grad school (yep) or runs a marathon (ditto).

My writing-child is busy these days.

You may find him creating content over at Pharmaceutical Strategies.

You can sometimes see him scribbling away pharmacy-news and views for Multibriefs.

He checks in over at Drug Topics from time to time.

If not there, look for him over at Pharmacy Times.

Finally, you might find him hanging out down the road at the Yankee Express.

Like I said, he’s busy. But he loves it.

Mostly I wrote this post to see if there are other content creators out there and to encourage you to feed that baby and let him/her grow. There are lots of ways to begin for free. It’s a cheap thrill. It’s a lasting pleasure. Write away.

Last modified: September 10, 2022