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High-Yield Med Reviews – And $75 in Savings!

Several months ago I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Anthony Busti, MD, PharmD, FNLA, FAHA regarding his High-Yield Med Reviews material for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals seeking certification training. Since then the platform has continued to expand, now including multiple high-quality webinar study groups in addition to their standard training material. We have invited Dr. Busti to return and talk to us here at The Honest Apothecary about some of these new offerings. Additionally, he has generously offered a $75 discount to our readers if you purchase one of their Premium Review Courses by October 31, 20118! See below (question 6) for details!

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat with Dr. Busti about the latest developments with High-Yield Med Reviews!

1. Dr. Busti, it has been about 6 months since we last spoke. Welcome back! Could you briefly remind our readers what High Yield Med Reviews is, and why it is important for pharmacists?

For more than 10 years we’ve served students, residents and licensed clinicians in nursing, pharmacy and medicine worldwide through our online and live review courses.  Our courses provide online lectures, question banks, practice exams, and online webinar study. We also provide review course programs and curriculum support to universities and training for advanced certifications at hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our mission is to help students, residents and clinicians truly understand concepts, not only to correctly answer questions in any format asked on their exams, but most importantly, so they can better serve their patients and positively impact healthcare as a whole.


2. What changes or improvements have developed at High Yield Med Reviews over the past 6 months?

One key enhancement that we are excited about is the expansion of our interactive Study Group Webinars for those preparing for BPS and NAPLEX Exams.  The Online Classroom Review Webinars have received great feedback from our customers. Additionally, our editors and writers, who are board certified or in academia, are continually adding more questions to our Q-Banks; and these are added for free to active accounts. We have also added more features to our practice exam platform and enhanced our support to universities and institutions through detailed administrative reports to show students/clinicians strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we have released a new product for nursing students, the NCLEX Review Course.


3. What exactly are the Study Group Webinars and why have these been added to the curriculum you offer?

The Study Group Webinars for the BPS Exams and NAPLEX Review Online Classrooms are an opportunity for people to join their fellow peers worldwide to engage and learn from each other, motivate one another and facilitate getting through the material.  One of the important skills required for advanced exams and real-world practice is the ability to integrate content and apply core concepts along with the evidence to cases. These study group sessions and online classrooms are meant to use cases to drive discussion of evaluation and management that pull these core concepts together. This component of our program is one part of a package of learning experiences that further adds to the final preparation of their exams. It is important to note that these sessions are not simply repeated lectures that they get with their premium packages; it is taking our subscribers’ learning to a new level of understanding and comprehension.  Both the Study Group for BPS Exams and the NAPLEX Review Online Classroom come with their own notebook to follow along with the integrated content.

4. Can you share any specific feedback you have gotten from your subscribers about the Study Groups and Online Classroom Webinars?

Sure. We received great feedback from our customers about our products and this study group. We love hearing that our mission to help students, residents and those in academia is being achieved.

From Brad T:

Dr. Busti’s study groups are interesting, informative, and engaging.  He has worked and a nurse and pharmacist before he became a physician.  He uses that experience to bring the entire clinical picture together for the pharmacists.  Rather than simply reciting facts, he explains the how and why things are done in clinical practice.  Dr. Busti actually engages the viewers and encourages them to participate and contribute their experiences to the group.  You can tell that he really cares and wants you to learn what you need to know to be a good pharmacist and pass the BCPS.”

From Monique A:

 “I had full intentions on buckling down and studying diligently for 6 months to take my certification exam. Unfortunately, life has had other plans for me. This program has been great because it is like having an in-class course I can stop and start when I want. There is even a rewind button! If I don’t understand a concept there is an experienced voice I can listen to multiple times instead of just words on a paper. The live lectures reinforce the concepts and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

From Sheila P:

 “I am a full-time pharmacist and a mother of two young children.  I graduated from pharmacy school over 10 years ago and have been practicing since that time. High Yield Med Review provided me with a complete set of review material, evidenced-based medicine, and all the tools I needed to prepare and pass the BCPS test this past May.  Dr. Busti presented lectures that were comprehensive and easy to understand accounting for an audience ranging from pharmacists who just graduated to individuals like myself that have been working in the field for years. The lectures were designed not only to explain and discuss the topics but also assist you to understand and apply the lessons to everyday practice in preparation for the exam. Evaluating the Q-bank questions helped me to identify and target weak areas. The Q-bank was formatted to mimic the real-life testing environment including a built-in timer and the ability to flag questions. Additionally, it was extremely helpful that I could access and listen to the lectures and Q-bank questions at any time using my smartphone or laptop. As I am highly involved with direct patient care and work closely with pharmacy students, I have realized that this review program has helped me to be a better clinician and preceptor. I would highly recommend this course to any pharmacy preceptor, pharmacy resident or practicing pharmacist who plans to take the BCPS exam.”


5. Your study material offers lots of options with flexible time frames! But could you walk my readers through the process of how they should choose the material they purchase from High Yield Med Reviews?

We recognize that our customers come to us with different backgrounds, levels of experience and learning styles. As such, we have been very purposeful from the beginning to build a system of components that give the learner some control over how they learn and utilize the material based on their available time and needs. The greatest chance for success comes with using all of the components together which is why we offer the money back guarantee for the premium packages.

Our review courses are made up of several components that focus different aspects of the core content and its application, such a Q-Bank (question banks), online lectures, course review books, practice exams and now even study groups or online classrooms.  No single component is a stand-alone for success but when used collectively the content and core concepts are being reinforced and built upon each other in a manner that facilitates the higher level of critical thinking needed to answer more complicated questions now being seen on the NAPLEX and BPS exams. We suggest the full course but also give subscribers options to make it simple so they can purchase what they want or need the most.


6. You wanted to offer our readers a special discount on a study package. Can you explain this and how they can take advantage of this great offer?

Yes. Our company mission is to take clinicians to a higher level of critical thinking and application of medical information for the purpose of improving patient care. We also believe strongly in giving back to clinicians and students. To support your readers we’d like to offer $75 off any Premium Review Course for the BPS Exams (BCPS, BCACP, BCCCP, BCIDP, BCOP, BCPP, BCGP, BCCP) until October 31, 2018.

Readers can simply email customerservice@highyieldmedreviews.com and reference the Honest Apothecary to get a coupon for $75 off a Review Course for the BPS Exams.

As a pharmacist, I can add my own testimony to the quality and relevance of the material being offered by High-Yield Med Reviews. , as I have personally viewed the content for the BCOP exam preparation. I hope you will take advantage of this generous offer and consider using this excellent material as you prepare for certification.



Last modified: September 9, 2018