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RxWiki: Medication Information FOR Patients FROM Pharmacists


Wikipedia you have heard of.

But what about RxWiki?


Well, allow me to introduce you then.

One of my goals as a pharmacist is to find reliable resources for patients seeking drug and disease information.  These days patients need to do a lot of research on their own.  There are a variety of reasons for this, some good…some not so good, but regardless of the reason – patients need to be well-informed about their medications and conditions.  But finding a good, reliable resource with up-to-date and accurate information can be tricky.  We all know the joke: “I read it on the Internet…it must be true.”  We laugh.  But when it comes to our health information, this is really no laughing matter.  And there are many health care professionals, like myself, who see this as something of a personal mission.

So along comes RxWiki


       HISTORY     To learn a little more about the website I contacted my new friend Don Hackett who, along with friend and business partner Lou Scalpati, brought RxWiki from birth to its beta version in February 2013.  By the way, you can find Don (@don_dailyRx) on Twitter.  He’s the guy with nearly 200,000 followers.  He’s also the father of 3 grown children, lives in Austin, TX and has been married for 31 years to his High School sweetheart.  Originally RxWiki was associated exclusively with NCPA and APhA and launched in 2007.  But in 2009 Don and Lou formed a new corporation and began giving RxWiki a life of its own.  Last month was the debut of the latest version of this useful medication and health resource. 


RxWiki is a vast and comprehensive medications encyclopedia aimed at providing accurate information, written and edited by pharmacists only, for patients & consumers.  The intuitive layout and readable nature of the content make it very accessible for individuals of all levels of medical literacy.  Complimenting the written information is a large library of videos which provide a great source of visual & audible instruction on both drugs and diseases.  Want to find out more information about a prescription or OTC medication?  RxWiki needs to be one of the very first sites you go to.


RxWiki has a variety of free resources for you to explore:

  • Prescription Drug Information
  • OTC Drug Information
  • Diseases & Conditions Information
  • Videos on Health Topics & Medication
  • Health News
  • Money Saving Resources including Coupons, Rx Discount Cards & Prescription Savings Programs

It is an honor to recommend to my readers such a valuable health care resource.  RxWiki is the kind of site you want to bookmark, add to your favorites and visit frequently.  I wish the best to Don, his partner Lou and the entire team at RxWiki who provide this information to patients.

Last modified: April 17, 2023