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Pharma-Folks to Phollow on Twitter

Recently Drug Topics author, Michelle Sprehe, published an article entitled Nine Users for Pharmacists to Follow on Twitter.

It was a nice little article.  And I whole-heartedly recommend following the folks she recommends.  Sadly, there were only 2 “people” Tweeters (the other 7 were agencies/organizations) that the article recommended…and they both (believe it or not) happen to write for Drug Topics.  What a coincidence.  LOL.  As I said, the whole list is great, and worth following.  And I am a personal fan of twitter users & bloggers Jim Plagakis (whom I have interacted with via email) and David Stanley (aka Drug Monkey) whom she mentions.

I was glad to see her mention @PharmacyPodcast.  Todd Eury and the folks over at the Pharmacy Podcast put on a great weekly broadcast on pharmacy related issues, particularly focused on matters related to community pharmacy practice.  You should  follow him on Twitter (also at @ToddEury) but also check out the Podcast site as well.

But then I thought…9 twitter accounts?  Hmmm.  I can BEAT that.  What follows are 10 Pharma Folks to Phollow on Twitter.  Disclaimer:  I could have probably listed about 8,000 accounts.  There are LOTS of fun folks on twitter I follow and interact with who tweet about topics MUCH more diverse (and interesting?) than the pharma stuff I tend to focus on.  Thank you all!  BUT…since the focus is pharma…I picked a few accounts that are frequent tweeters on pharmacy factoids and health-related topics.  If YOUR account was overlooked, I apologize in advance, and will be sure to let my editorial staff have it in the morning.


@FDALawyers:  Darshan Kulkarni is a pharmacist, and a lawyer and – according to his own words – “surprisingly not too boring.”  He tweets about the FDA, pharmacy law, health care and other interesting things.  In his spare time he also BLOGS.

@DrWalker_rph:  I’ve known and interacted with Dave for a while now.  If you move around in the Pharma circles online…you have probably bumped into him.  He’s kind of ubiquitous.  With a special passion for electronic health records and patient compliance…you really need to follow him for some great tweets and interaction.

@DrOgbru:  Dr. Omudhome Ogbru (Ome for short) is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of RxEconsult.  I interviewed him a week or so ago.  His twitter account will be loaded with links to great articles on all sorts of health care and medical professional topics. 

@PharmacistScott:  Scott Gavura is a pharmacist and an active tweeter, as well as the founder and editor of the blog: Science Based Pharmacy. His focus is especially on pseudo-science and misinformation that often pervades the media and our culture. 

@Shawn_G_Watson:  Shawn is a pharma executive with URL and actively tweets about pharma issues with a great mix of leadership-related quotes. 

@EricRPh:  Eric Durbin is  currently a hospital pharmacist and author of the aptly named blog Eric, Pharmacist

@Voltaire1999:  Dr. Bovee is a fiercely conservative and funny pharmacist tweeter from Florida, author of “A Prescription for Retail Pharmacy” and host of the popular Retail Pharmacy Podcast

@iApothecary: Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (say that fast, 14 times) and an active Tweeter of clinical pharmacy information. 

@pharmaphorum:  Paul Tunnah is a keen observer of what is going on in pharma, and is also the founder and CEO of the Pharmaphorum website. 


So there you go.  Get on Twitter and follow these pharma folks.  I should also mention that I follow hundreds of other fun pharma-folks on Twitter.  Not everyone (thankfully!!) uses twitter to communicate professional and/or pharma news.  Oh, and by the way, I’M on twitter too.  

Last modified: April 17, 2023