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What’s Your FAVORITE Pharmacy-Related Content? A SURVEY

From time to time in my online writing career I like to pause and ask my great readers and followers a simple question:  What do you MOST like to read about here at The Honest Apothecary?

Yes, I get many great emails from readers and I often base my content on what they tell me and ask me about.  I always appreciate these.  But the older I get the more I realize the importance of actively listening to others and encouraging their feedback.  

Listening is a skill that all pharmacists should develop in the workplace and especially when counseling patients.  But it also pays to listen at home, listen at school, listen to your friends and co-workers AND YES…listen to your readers!

So today’s post is just that.  I would like to LISTEN:

  • Tell me what type of pharmacy-related content really knocks your capsules right of the counting tray!
  • Tell me what pharmacy information really puts the enteric coating on your tablets!
  • Tell me what sort of articles would make you click faster than a Kirby Lester counts pills!

As a pharmacist with nearly 25 years in Retail Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management, Precepting, Managed Care Research and Outpatient Pharmacy experience…I would love to share what I have learned with the current and upcoming generation of pharmacists.  That’s what this blog is all about.  

And hearing from my fantastic and supportive readers help keep me focused on the issues closest to your heart.

So, enough from me today.  I want to hear from you.


I want to know what YOU want to hear more about.

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If you want to provide even more details about what YOU like to hear most about…feel free to reach out to me via my CONTACT page!


Last modified: July 23, 2016