One of my goals is to provide my readers with useful resources to help patients manage their medication, to help pharmacists manage their careers, and to help other health care related businesses gain exposure to a broader audience.  I strive to keep my content consistently fresh, informative, entertaining and relevant to your needs and concerns. 

While you may not always agree with my opinions, I hope you will at least appreciate my efforts to offer one pharmacist’s perspective on the issue being discussed.

Some of the pharmacy & health care resources I am pleased to provide you with are:

A Pharmacy Technician Certification Course – One of the best ways for pharmacy technicians to advance their careers and often earn a raise from their employers is to take and pass a national pharmacy certification exam.  This course offers one of the best and most affordable ways to prepare for this exam.

Bay Alarm Medical – This is a great family-owned and operated company committed to providing the best alarm services for seniors and families who want the peace of mind that comes from knowing a loved one can instantly reach the best help they need in an emergency.

Blogs I Follow – A growing list of the various health care related blogs that I follow, organized by the type of profession which the blogger belongs to.

Online Drug Tools – Doing research on a drug or medical condition?  Start with these great tools.

Disclaimer – The legal mumbo jumbo that I have to include on my website so that you don’t sue me.

Last modified: June 28, 2014

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