I write on a variety of topics, mostly related (of course) to pharmacy, pharmacy practice and health care.  The following is a list, broken down by categories, of the articles I have published on this site. 

For those who are interested, I have also written articles elsewhere including:


Blog Posts on Prescription Drugs:

New Vicodin Strengths – Coming Soon!

Bill Would Make Hydrocodone Products Schedule II

Patient Question: Are Adderall, Wellbutrin & Viibryd safe?

3 Things EVERY Patient on SSRIs Should Know

Honesty – And the Flu Vaccine:

What Time of Day is BEST for BLOOD PRESSURE Meds?

Vegetarian Prescription Options:

Questions about Vicodin, Norco, etc…

A Nightmare on Pharmacy Street: Vicodin CII?

Is Zithromax Safe Anymore? I think so…

Lessons from Lovenox

Diclegis – She’s Back (after 30 years)

Oxycontin: Safe, Effective and…Abuse Proof. The New Drug Standard…(sorry generics!)

Pfizer Sells Viagra Online – Should Pharmacies Worry?

Exercise in a Bottle – And the Five A’s for a Healthy Weight 

Let’s Talk about Metformin

Opioid Information Series – HYDROCODONE 

Is AbbVie’s Vicodin REALLY a Generic??

Biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug List

The Difference Between Percocet, Percodan and Tylox

Origin of Prescription Drug Names:



OTC Medication, Herbs & Food:

Aspirin Meets Cool New Science!

The Plan B Contraceptive Issue – And Why I Propose Plan C

Are Supplements Dangerous? A Pharmacist’s Perspective

Is Coffee REALLY Good For You?

Talking to Patients about Complementary and Alternative Medicine: 5 Tips

Product Review: Nasacort Allergy 24HR

Product Review: Nexium 24HR

Should I Try Melatonin for Insomnia?

Pharmacy Career:

Why I Became a Pharmacist – The Story

Pharmacists & the Aggregate Demand Index

“The Pharmacist Shortage” and other lies

5 Game Changing Books for Healthcare

Pharmacists: You Own Your Career Part I –

Owning Your Career Part II – Networking For Pharmacists 101

Owning Your Career Part III – Begin with the End, then T.S.S.D. –

The Chain Pharmacist’s Survival Guide: Pharmacist Loyalty

The Job Search Survey – Part 1 

The Job Search – Part II: Think like an Employer

Focusing on Quadrant 2 Career Activities

5 Tips BEFORE Your Pharmacy Job Search 

Working with a Pharmacy Recruiter

10 Tips for Pharmacy Managers

5 LinedIn Tips for Pharmacists

8 Quitting Tips for Pharmacists

Eric Christianson & 10 Questions on Becoming a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist

Pharmacists and Professional Liability Insurance

Pharmacy Job Search: How Long Will it Take?


Pharmacy Practice:

Medical Myths: Treating Symptoms vs. Curing Diseases

Retail Pharmacy Staffing – The Dilemma part 1

Sperm Count Studies – Silly Things That Make Me Smile:

Communication Conundrums in Pharmacy

Only as Sick as Your Secrets: Addiction Help for Pharmacists (and others)

Patients: Do You Want Your Prescriptions Refilled Automatically?

Pharmacist to Technician – In Search of the Golden Ratio

Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities in the U.S.

Pharmacy & Professionalism – A Speech

Denying the shot like an early refill…

Implementing a Pharmacist Follow-up Program in a Retail Setting

Do You Have a PRESCRIPTION Insurance Card?

10 Tips for Managing Pharmacy Stress

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pharmacy Techs

6 Tips to being a Profitable Retail Pharmacy

My Dream Drugstore – Fantasies of Pharmacy Perfection

The U.S. Drug Addiction Problem is OUR Problem – My TEN Ideas

10 Tips for Pharmacy Managers

Are you a Pharmacist or Technician Looking for Work?

Pharmacist Factory – A Guest Post by Joey Mattingly, PharmD, MBA

Saving Money with a Prescription Discount Card

Retail Pharmacy Workflow Basics

Why Hydrocodone Rescheduling Won’t Work

A Pharmacy Consultation Room – Guest Post by Chi Mai

Prescription Drug Coupons – How To Save Patients Money


Motivational, Life & Leadership:

12 Traits of the ENTREPRENEUR

5 Benefits of Hard Work

Lincoln Must Be Dead By Christmas – How To Get Things Done

Blogger Burnout – Symptoms, Causes and Cure

The Map & the Motor – Getting Things Done

Health Care Delivery & Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Do Nothing – Get Nothing: #LifeTips

Why Poor Performers Get Promoted

8 COLLEGE Tips for High School Students

Saving Money Through ESP

Eat That (Pharmacy) FROG!



Interviews & Services:


RxEconsult – An interview with Omudhome Ogbru, PharmD

RxWiki: Medication Information FOR Patients FROM Pharmacists

Pharmacy Ownership – an Interview with Pharmacist Tony De Nicola –

An interview with Steve Leuck from AudibleRx! –

Pharmacists: Take Control of Your Career – An Interview with Neil Patrick –

Pharmageddon, & an Interview with Dr. David Healy –

Pharmacy Ownership: 5 Challenges for the New Store Owner –

Digital Pharmacist Solutions – An Interview with Andy Berg, Pharm.D –

Financing Your Pharmacy Purchase – An Interview with Ed Webman –

Pharmacy Website Design – An Interview with Don Levasseur PharmD of PharmerDon, Inc. –

Working the Overnight Pharmacy Shift – An Interview with VampiRPh! –

With Liberty and – pharmaceutical –  Justice for All – An Interview with Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, JD –

Mr. Dispenser: The Amazing and Anonymous Pharmacist, Author and Blogger –

Independent – But Not Alone: Introducing PharmacyGPO and Todd Eury –

Want to Buy a Pharmacy? An Interview with Owen BonDurant of Independent Rx Consulting –

Tech Talk Part I – An Interview with Cassie McIntyre CPhT –

Pharmacy Tech Talk Part II – An Interview with Christina Ottman CPhT –

The MedMinder System – An Interview with Eran Shavelsky –


Pharmacy Compounding & the Law – An Interview with Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm.D, MS, ESQ. –

Buying Prescriptions Online & –

Pharmacists & Staffing Agencies – An Interview with Tom Alig of Indispensable Healthcare –

 Dispense with Death – An Author Interview with Pharmacist Peter Mulholland –


Reducing Prescription Abandonment – CoverMyMeds & Matt Scantland –

Switching from Retail Pharmacy to Hospital – An Interview with Pharmacist Eric Durbin –

Switching from Retail to Hospital Pharmacy Part II – An Interview with Adam Overberg –

Pharmacy Tech Careers Part III – With Jenn & Vashti! –


Introducing RxPreferred Benefits – an Interview with CEO Jeff Malone –

Independent Pharmacy Consulting Group – An Interview with Lawrence Barrett –

The Take Charge Program for Weight Loss – Meet Pharmacist Terry Forshee –

Klein’s Pharmacy – An Interview with Owner Barry Klein –

Introducing An Interview with Goldina Erowele, Pharm.D –

The Pharmacist Entrepreneur! Meet MTM Pharmacist Randee Bowder –

Introducing – An Interview with Pharmacist Mark Rubin –

Pharmacy Informatics – An Interview with Pharmacist Jerry Fahrni –

Care Pharmacies Cooperative – An Interview with CEO Michael Wysong –


Perspectives on Pharmacy – Meet Pharmacist “Goose” Rawlings –

Patient Wellness – Pharmacy Wellness – PrescribeWellness! An Interview with Tony Thuyen –

Medication Adherence & Mango Health – An Interview with CEO Jason Oberfest –


Introducing True North Political Solutions – An Interview with Ron Lanton III –


An Interview with Harold Cohen – Editor-in-Chief of U.S. Pharmacist –


Keep Your Pharmacy Open – An Interview with Suzanne Gude –

Pharmalot – PharmaGONE? An Interview With Ed Silverman –

Neighborhood Healthmart Pharmacy Celebrates 1 year –

Keeping your PC Running with System Mechanic –

Eric Christianson & 10 Questions on Becoming a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist –


Studying for the BCPS Exam – An Interview with The Blonde Pharmacist! – – An Interview with Ivan Petrzelka PharmD –

Hormone Therapy for Women: Help or Hype? –

Introducing Bay Alarm Medical: 1-855-500-7489 –



Integrated Pharmacy Solutions – An Interview with CEO Michael Tocco –


Introducing – Free Online Inhaler Training –

Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove – Part I –

Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part II –

Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part III –

Pharmacy Workflow Magic with Don Grove Part IV –



News & Politics:

Post-Sequestration and Your Pharmacy…

What’s wrong with MEDICAL marijuana? –

Breaking News – Oxycontin & Hydrocodone go OTC –

The Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy: Budgeting & Leadership Issues –

The Scylla, Charybdis and The Pharmacist’s Dilemma –

Is Healthcare a RIGHT or a PRODUCT or ….? –



Faith & Life:

Religion, the Tiger, and The Life of Pi –

Pharmacy & a Biblical Worldview – A Pharmacist’s Faith Part I –

A Pharmacist’s Faith Part II: Evidence – 

Why I Am a Pro-Life Pharmacist –



General Health, Medicine & Medical Conditions:

Honest Answers – Pink Eye:

Life, Rest & the Obesity Paradox –

Summer Afternoon, Sunscreens & Sunburn – What you need to know! – 

A Prescription for a RELAXING Vacation –

Prescription Tips for Summer –

Remembering to Take Your Meds – TIPS!-

How Much is a SPOONFUL of Medicine?



Pharma-Folks to Phollow on Twitter –

Prescription Strength SNACKS –


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